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A primary symptom of poor circulation is cold and tingling hands. Poor circulation is the result of numerous medical conditions, including Raynoulds Syndrome, Berger's Disease, Diabetes, Low Blood Pressure, and, the use of blood thinners. In addition, poor circulation is common in the elderly.

While not able to cure poor circulation, HXT can help alleviate the symptoms by providing adjustable external heat and directing this heat to the affected areas. In addition, arthritis suffers have reported a decrease in pain and increased flexibility when using HXT products.

As always, check first with your Doctor before embarking on any course of treatment.

Ordered these gloves after seeing it on your website, delivered in about 3 days! These Gloves ROCK! Its been really cold in Pennsylvania and I walk every day (OUTSIDE). Took them out for a test walk today (its about 16 degrees) Low and behold my fingers were warm and as I finished my walk (about hour) I actually took them off because my hands were too warm. Too Warm, Raynaud sufferers wont believe it, its unheard of..Love them! Thank you for making my walks very enjoyable and for helping me feel normal again!
Michelle H. HXT Customer

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